Module Two: Sharing Your Story

During this module, our goal is to help you get in touch with your own emotions.

An important first step is to journal your abortion story. Writing can unlock hidden memories, reveal details that you’ve forgotten, outline pain that you haven’t considered and simply help you understand how you ended up in an abortion clinic.

Some prefer to write in various ways – in a journal, poetically, artistically or making a recording or sharing with a trusted friend.  Whatever way works best for you, recording your abortion experience is an important first step in healing.

Accountability is an important element in the healing process.  Without it, our tendency is to stop when things get painful.  An accountability partner can walk through the hard steps so that you are not alone.

Due to the need for secrecy after abortion, it could be that you are unable to share your abortion with others. The Ramah team is available to help you in processing these emotions. If there is no one in your life that you can communicate with, please feel free to share with our team. We are always here to help!

When you begin a journey like this you may experience deep memory recall. This can result in nightmares or hearing messages in your head that discourage you from moving forward in this healing.

Good hearted friends or loved ones can relay messages like, “It’s all in the past. Why bring it up now?” For many, these emotions are simply unavoidable and must be addressed.

Don’t let anyone discourage you from what God may have for you!

Lesson One

Sharing Your

Abortion Story

In order to begin to understand what happened to you during your abortion, it is recommended that you simply begin to record your story.

Lesson Two

Forms of Childhood Strife that Lead to Abortion

Unplanned pregnancy often results during deep family strife as one generation significantly impacts another.

Lesson Three

God’s Purpose in Abortion Pain

The concept of looking at the pain of a past abortion can be overwhelming. While it is possible to receive immediate forgiveness for the confession of our sins, God’s purifying process may take a little bit longer.

Lesson Four

When A Christian


God didn’t leave my heart after my abortion. He was always there. His message always called me to repent and sin no more.

Lesson Five

After Abortion Segregation

Abortion changes everything, whether the mother or father knows it or not. It can be decided in panic and regretted forever.

Lesson Six

Abortion & Sexual Abuse

Women who have experienced sexual abuse are often post-abortive. When sexual abuse has occurred, abortion can ignite further devastation to these wounded hearts.

Lesson Seven

Abolishing Abortion Strongholds

The myth that God cannot forgive is an example of an abortion stronghold. A stronghold is defined as any type of thinking that is in contrary to the word of God.

Lesson Eight

Addressing Abortion Clinic Verbal Abuse

Many women share about encountering angry protesters in front of the clinics where their abortions were performed.

Lesson Nine

Truth vs. Condemnation

Personal healing is not up to the scrutiny of others! Only God can judge a person’s heart status.

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