A Journey in Ramah Daily Devotional

A Journey In Ramah is a 70-day, daily devotional for women working through the healing process after abortion. A Journey In Ramah is an ideal companion to any abortion recovery program. It also helps non-post-abortive individuals understand the mindset of women enduring the grieving process of healing.  This devotional can supplement any abortion recovery program.


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Written By: Sydna Masse

Once the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical pain of abortion makes an impact, many individuals search for a deeper relationship with God to find comfort in coping with the pain.  To assist them in drawing closer to God, Sydna Masse authored a 70-day daily devotional entitled, A Journey in Ramah.

Within Journey in Ramah: A Daily Devotional, Sydna Masse has compiled many more of her own personal healing stories for those beginning the process of healing after an abortion decision.  Journey in Ramah is an optional companion product to the Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery program and can be used alone or with another abortion recovery program.

This devotional guides the readers along a healing journey using weekly memory verses along with a daily Scripture reading program.  Each week is focused with the same chapter topics as the Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery Guide program.  These devotionals outline and answer questions that post-abortive women often ask during their healing journey with God.

This 70-day daily devotional offers in-depth testimony about the author’s personal journey through healing the pain of abortion in her heart. Sydna takes the time to answer many questions the reader may be contemplating and some the reader may have not considered.  The topical format allows A Journey in Ramah to be used in a wide variety of abortion recovery programs, as well as a stand-alone tool for those who are considering attending an abortion recovery class in the future.

Questions addressed in this resource include:

• “Will God forgive me?”
• “Can I ever be whole again?”
• “Will my child hate me when I get to Heaven?”
• “Do I need to tell my family members about my abortion?”
• “Can this pain ever end?”
• “Am I going crazy because I’m crying all the time?”

The 70-day format coincides in a topical weekly format of the emotions of healing (i.e., anger, grief, denial, etc.). Understanding that Scripture is a powerful healing tool, A Journey in Ramah offers a daily scripture reading program and a weekly memory verse to enhance God’s ability to minister to these wounded hearts through His Word.

This resource provides personal support to the reader and encourages them to continue their journey towards healing through Christ. A Journey in Ramah is not only a perfect companion to any abortion recovery ministry program, it also is perfect to help others understand the mindset of the woman who is grieving a past abortion.