Module 2 Healing Activities

Think about your life. Are you experiencing any of the symptoms of Abortion PTSD or Post-Abortion Syndrome? Using the list of symptoms in this chapter, identify those that could be a result of your abortion.

Complete the healing activities listed below to help you get started in understanding how abortion has impacted your life. Remember, our team is always available to help you in any way. Feel free to contact us at any time during your healing journey!

2.1 My Abortion Story (PDF)

This healing activity is designed to help you record your entire abortion journey, answering questions that relate to how you got pregnant, how your abortion was decided, the experience itself and what has happened since that time.

2.2 My Abortion Wound (PDF)

This activity involves drawing a picture of what your abortion wound looks like. Please feel free to be creative in this healing task. You can write a poem, make a collage of photos, write a song, etc.

2.3 Before and After My Abortion (PDF)

This activity is designed to help you understand how your abortion has changed you by sharing your life before and after your abortion experience.

2.4 My Testimony (PDF)

This activity helps outline your journey in discovering God’s salvation through the death of His son, Jesus Christ. If you are still on your journey to Christ, there is a second part to complete.