Module 1: More About Abortion PTSD

If you have experienced abortion, you know that simply hearing this term can resurrect difficult memories of an abortion experience. Remembering often results in many different emotions. You may cry and be filled with grief, become angry or feel overwhelmed with anxiety. These are all normal emotions when abortion pain is triggered.

This website provides information on how abortion impacts women. Included is a step-by-step process to help you address a past abortion in order to find peace with yourself and God. With 30+ years of ministry experience, this online course includes all that we have learned to help you understand how your abortion(s) has touched your life to walk you through the emotions of healing with God’s help.

The Ramah International team is here to help you in this healing journey. While this site is designed to be used individually, we are available to help you in any way in a completely confidential manner. Please feel free to contact us as you navigate through this site and know that we will be praying for you!

Introduction: About Abortion PTSD

Sydna Massé shares her abortion story and offers an outline on how Abortion PTSD (or post-abortion syndrome) can impact an individual at a biological, psychological, physical, emotional and/or spiritual level.

What to Expect

Sydna Massé offers a message about what to expect in the healing process after abortion. While this website is designed for individuals to work privately on this pain, the Ramah team is always available to assist, encourage and help.

The First Step

Sydna Masse shares the story of her own abortion and outlines how Abortion PTSD impacted her life. This lesson begins the process of revisiting your own abortion memories and taking the first steps towards God’s peace.

How do you know you need healing?

Abortion PTSD can impact a life in many ways. While some never encounter regret, others feel pain instantly or abruptly in later years. Take the Abortion PTSD assessment test to learn more about abortion’s impact.

Recommended Reading

While this course is designed to help you embrace the healing process, several other resources are also available to enhance your abortion recovery experience. These resources of comfort are outlined along with a brief synopsis of their contents.

Grieving Your Loss

Since abortion is a choice, society does not recognize this as a loss that needs to be grieved.  Module Six introduces a peaceful way to  to remember children lost through abortion and honor their brief lives which enhances God’s healing process as well.

Common issues of the post-abortive person.

Discovering the root cause of emotional issues can be very helpful in healing. A detailed outline of Abortion PTSD is featured to help individuals understand this common pain after abortion.

More About Abortion PTSD

Understanding abortion’s impact on your life is a big step in healing. This section provides more information about this pain to help you begin to understand your abortion pain at a deeper level.

Myths Post-Abortive People Can Believe

There are many thoughts that are common for post-abortive people to experience after abortion. Because so few people can discuss abortion at a healthy level, rarely are these thoughts considered or processed.
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