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Hello, I’m Sydna Massé, author of the book, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion and the Founder and CEO of Ramah International, an outreach organization designed to offer the hope of healing to abortion’s wounded around the world.

Ramah International is pleased to offer other resources to help in your journey after abortion:

Her Choice to Heal has a recovery guide workbook. This tool provides more insight and activities to help address this pain. It can help you discover God’s peace at a deeper level.

Journey in Ramah devotional is a daily devotional that coincides with the module topics and provides additional stories about my own journey in healing after my abortion.

Red Rose Bouquet is a novel by Jennifer Rodewald. This is a story about one woman’s journey after her abortion. This encouraging novel can offer you deeper healing and help you understand some of the emotions you may be experiencing after abortion.

Ramah’s Voice Blogs are designed to answer common questions and help individuals with deeper understanding regarding how abortion impacts lives. These blogs also educate on the various elements of post-abortion pain and how to help both men and women who are seeking healing.

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    Hello, I am Sydna Massé Founder and CEO of Ramah International. I'd love to keep in touch and include you in our prayer chain as we continue to serve abortion's wounded and those considering abortion.

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