Recommended Reading

Ramah International recommends several reading sources to help you in your healing journey. The book, Her Choice to Heal, is often referenced in this program. To order this book, visit the Resources button on the main menu tab.

If you are unable to afford this book, some book scholarships are available. Simply complete the scholarship request form at the bottom of this page and the Ramah team will be in touch with you.

If you would like to have the amazing blessing of sponsoring books for those that cannot afford this resource, please know that Ramah International is a 501c3 non-profit ministry that offers tax-deductions for donations. A $20 donation covers the cost of sending one book to a wounded individual who is desiring God’s healing.

Other recommended reading:

  • Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual & Emotional Peace After Abortion – Recovery Guide.  This resource is designed to be used with the book, Her Choice to Heal, offering more insight and activities to help further your healing journey.
  • A Journey in Ramah – In this resource, Sydna shares more of her healing journey after abortion in a daily devotional format to help the post-abortive person understand more about the typical healing experience. This book provides daily encouragement to help in the healing journey.
  • Red Rose Bouquet – This novel, written by Jennifer Rodewald, is a story about a woman enduring deep pain after an abortion and how those that loved her helped her find healing. At one point, the main character receives a copy of Her Choice to Heal from a seat mate during an airplane trip!  Order a copy of Red Rose Bouquet and be ready to be encouraged in your own healing journey by reading this powerful work of fiction.This is a great novel that can educate those that love someone who is experiencing this pain. Red Rose Bouquet Synopsis
  • Ramah’s Voice Blog – Sydna Masse blogs weekly about all aspects of post-abortion pain. These blogs are designed to answer your questions and help you go deeper in your understanding of how abortion has impacted your life.

Recommended Resources

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Her Choice to Heal:

Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion

Abortion Recovery Guide and A Journey in Ramah

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