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Abortion PTSD

In this introduction module, Sydna Masse, author of the book, Her Choice to Heal, provides the hope of healing to post-abortive individuals and an overview of this course. There is also an assessment test and an outline of Abortion PTSD (or post-abortion syndrome) included.

Sharing Your Story

Sydna Masse shares the story of her own abortion and also outlines the impact of Abortion PTSD on her life. This module begins the process of revisiting abortion memories and taking the first steps towards God’s peace.

Denial’s Impact

Denial is a wall of protection that an individual raises to cope with the emotional impact of an abortion choice.  Module 3 outlines denial’s dysfunction and offers several activities to realize God’s truth. Also included is an outline of guilt and shame after abortion.

Addressing Anger

Anger is a God-given emotion. Furthermore, how we handle it can cause problems, particularlly when it turns to wrath and seeks revenge. Module 4 outlines post-abortive anger and helps identify ways to process it in a healthy manner.


There is no sin God cannot forgive. After abortion many struggle to forgive themselves. Module 5 outlines three separate elements of forgiveness – receiving it from God, offering it to others and forgiving oneself for making this choice.

Grieving Your Loss

Since abortion is a choice, society does not recognize this as a loss that needs to be grieved.  Module Six introduces a peaceful way to  to remember children lost through abortion and honor their brief lives which enhances God’s healing process as well.

Joy Comes in the Mourning

By naming and grieving aborted children, they become real people in our hearts. We will one day meet them in Heaven. This module helps you honor their lives and bring closure to your heart from God.

Shattering Sexual Soul Ties

Scripture is clear that when two people come together sexually outside of marriage the consequences can be greater than other sins. Therefore this module works through issues of sexual purity with God’s help!

Sharing the Secret

When healing is achieved, many want to help others to make a better choice than abortion.  This optional module is for those who feel led to share their abortion story and includes detailed procedures to prepare you to share publicly or privately.