Myths Post-Abortive People Can Believe

There are many thoughts that are common for post-abortive people to experience after abortion. Because so few people can discuss abortion at a healthy level, rarely are these thoughts considered or processed. Below are three common myths that many post-abortive people believe before they enter the healing process.
Myth #1  Abortion is an Unforgivable Sin

Myth #1 Abortion is an Unforgivable Sin

Spiritually sensitive post-abortive individuals often view their choice to abort as unforgivable in the eyes of God. Many also struggle in forgiving others who participated in their abortion choice. They are often the hardest on themselves for participating in their...

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Myth #2 – Pro-lifers are my Enemy

Myth #2 – Pro-lifers are my Enemy

Many post-abortive individuals report they are apprehensive of judgment and/or rejection from pro-life individuals specifically. Most relay they feel more comfortable and secure around pro-choice individuals as they perceive these hearts won’t judge them. This is...

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Myth #3 – I’m the Only One That Feels This Way

Myth #3 – I’m the Only One That Feels This Way

A post-abortive person’s heart can be split – before and after the abortion. Every element of my life changed when my child died in that Indianapolis abortion clinic in 1981. Immediately I felt like no one could understand me. My vow that “no one would ever know” kept...

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