More About Abortion PTSD

It is important that you begin to learn more about how abortion could have impacted your life. The blogs below offer many different perspectives about Abortion PTSD. Please take the time to review this information and feel free to contact our team for any reason for assistance.

Common Triggers of Abortion Pain

For those experiencing Abortion PTSD, it is normal for sights, sounds, smells and even feelings they encountered during the time of their abortion decision to ignite memories they are working to forget.

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Strategies to Tame After Abortion Triggers

Triggers of Abortion PTSD often arrive unexpectedly, activating a deep and forgotten pain. Since many post-abortive people work to forget this choice, the spark of these triggers can send them into a whirlwind of emotional anxiety.

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Immediately After Abortion

While working with tens of thousands of post-abortive people over the last twenty-four years, I’ve learned that some experiences are very common immediately after abortion.

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8 Lies of Abortion

Many of these same deceitful messages are still being marketed to women today. Because few women will discuss their abortion in public, these abortion falsehoods are still in place to encourage abortion decisions today.

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