Many post-abortive individuals report they are apprehensive of judgment and/or rejection from pro-life individuals specifically. Most relay they feel more comfortable and secure around pro-choice individuals as they perceive these hearts won’t judge them. This is likely due to the passionate stand pro-lifers take against abortion. Our souls tend to conclude that if you are against abortion, you are against us as well!  

This mindset can be encouraged and reinforced by pro-life slogans that refer to abortion as “murder” or use the word “kill.”  Sadly, slogans rarely include messages of love and compassion for those who have made this choice. It’s one thing for those of us who made this choice to use these words to describe our actions. When others use them, it feels like an attack which can send us cowering back into our self-imposed prisons of pain.

Many women encountered angry crowds when they arrived for their abortion appointment. After hearing some of the horrific things that were voiced on the sidewalks, many fled into the clinics perceiving that the abortion clinic staff was far more compassionate. The tension between opposing abortion views can scare anyone. Bullying women in front of abortion clinics is rarely productive. Compassionate outreach can certainly save lives!

If you are struggling with your post-abortive identity in relation to a political environment, understand there is no pressure to reveal yourself publicly. This truth is sometimes best shared with strangers trained in abortion recovery ministry. Never feel pressured into releasing this secret. There are plenty of others sharing about abortion’s pain with the world.

It is difficult to trust anyone with an abortion secret. But we must realize that there are no secrets we can keep from God. He has been walking with us, whether we know it or not, every step of the way.