Module 1 Healing Activities

Each module of this abortion recovery website will include various activities designed to help bring you deeper healing from God and understanding as to how your abortion has impacted your life. Please feel free to print off these activities and use them in whatever way is helpful to your heart.

Our team is always available to help you in any way.  Feel free to contact us at any time during your healing journey!

1.1 Recognizing Healing
as a Process

(Open PDF here)

This activity helps you to examine the healing process of each stage of grief after your abortion. Once you recognize your trigger points of pain, be sure to spend time in prayer and ask God to enhance your understanding of how your abortion has impacted your life.

1.2 How My Feelings Relate to Abortion PTSD or Post-Abortion Syndrome

(Open PDF here)

Sydna Masse shares the story of her own abortion and also outlines the impact of Abortion PTSD on her life. This module begins the process of revisiting abortion memories and taking the first steps towards God’s peace.