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After Abortion Denial

Do you feel hemmed in, aloof or separated emotionally when you think about your abortion? Do you feel defensive? Denial is a wall that you have consciously or unconsciously built. It needs to be dismantled. That may take time as you closely examine what kind of “bricks” built this wall.

This wall serves as a buffer zone to keep us safe from the memories of aborting our children and our pain in ending their lives. The bricks of this wall can be grief, guilt, shame, avoidance of the abortion topic, influences to abort, etc.

Read Chapter 3, A Wall of Denial, in Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion. This book is available both in written and audio formats. After reading this chapter, record in your journal any areas of denial that has impacted your life since your abortion.  If you cannot remember, ask God to reveal those hidden things over the days to come. As they are revealed, write them down in your journal as a way to release them to God. 

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