The Advantages of Confession

Sharing can bring great relief and freedom

John 8:32 relates, the truth will set you free. A great deal of time, energy and effort goes into keeping the abortion a secret. Once you share your abortion story, you typically have been set free from maintaining the secret. This energy can then be driven into other tasks – especially pro-life ministry!

Confessing could help stop sin in future generations

Many parents fear telling their children about their abortion and/or past promiscuity because they could use it as an excuse or a license to sin. Parents fear rebuttals like, “If you weren’t a virgin when you were married, Mom, why should I be?”

Rarely have I heard this to be the first reaction of most children to their parent’s abortion truth. The post-abortive know what their lost virginity cost them! What better way to demonstrate the truth to future generations than with honesty and transparency?

Educating society helps enhance pro-life forces 

If abortion is such a great thing, why doesn’t anyone talk about it? Society must hear abortion stories before they can understand that abortion doesn’t solve any problems – it only makes them bigger! In sharing, the individual can change public opinions and reach many with the hope of God’s healing.  Many folks come off “fence posts” and become involved in our ministry as a result or at least vote for pro-life candidates and efforts!

Speaking out helps stop future abortions

Many children of post-abortive women can also experience unexpected pregnancy situations. What is amazing is that when the truth is known about their parent’s abortion, rarely is abortion considered as an option. While abortions can still happen, these children know the loss of abortion first-hand and understand the potential for regretting this choice.

Family and friends need to hear the truth from the loved one

I remember a woman who called me distraught after her ex-husband casually told their teenage daughter about their abortion.  It appeared that the father’s motive in sharing this truth was to belittle the woman in their child’s eyes as they were involved in a bitter divorce and custody battle. Unfortunately, he was nearly successful in turning his daughter’s heart against her mother versus sharing that he had coerced the abortion of her sibling. The daughter was very angry with her mother. It would have been much easier for her to have shared the truth first and eliminate Satan’s power through her ex-husband’s words.

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