The Disadvantages of Confession

The admission of an abortion can require acknowledging multiple sin issues

For the teen or young single, keeping the secret of their lost virginity may have been the reason for the abortion. Many parents have a bigger grief issue with the lost virginity than abortion! This can be particularly hard if the child is perceived as “perfect” by their parents. It is also difficult if the spouse is confessing to an abortion after an adulterous affair. Each sin declaration can have separate consequences.

Judgment and/or rejection could result in the announcing of a past abortion

The real threat of confession is rejection. Few understand that this can be a blessing! It allows us to decipher the Godly among us and know our true friends.

If the rejecting person is a fiance, what better thing to know before marriage! Who would want to marry anyone that wouldn’t love them in spite of anything? Yet when it is a parent who is rejecting a child, loss of material provision could be a possibility.

The secret may be more hurtful than the reason for the secret

The lack of honesty surrounding an abortion secret can have its own ramifications in relationships. When a spouse, parent or child learns this reality, they can be hurt/upset/angry that the post-abortive individual didn’t trust them enough to share this secret earlier. In some cases, the abortion doesn’t bother them as much as not being told the truth in the first place. Trust can be impacted and may need to be rebuilt in the future.

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