Another Gideon’s Army

God has impressed upon my heart that our world doesn’t need a great number of individuals speaking out. What we need are a few trained voices, operating at a Gideon’s army level. Take time now to read the story of Gideon in Judges 6-7.

I love this story because I acted much the same way when God was pushing me to accept a position at the largest pro-life ministry of that time – Focus on the Family. The last place I thought was “safe” for me as a post-abortive person was a pro-life ministry. My heart said that if they ever discovered I had experienced abortion; they would fire me.

Like Gideon, I ask God for several “signs” that He wanted me to work there. Actually, there were 13 different points that I needed Him to answer if I was to accept a job there. Let me say that God can handle our challenges – as long as they do not lead us to sin. But when you challenge God like Gideon and I did, He will answer. Many times, we need that answer to know exactly where God is leading.

Sure enough, 12 of my points were met on that “sign” list. The last one – income – was the only point that wasn’t reached. They offered me $100 less a year than we needed as a family to survive. My husband said, “That’s close enough, Sydna.”  About six weeks after my first day there, Dr. James Dobson gave each employee a $100 bonus! So, God even took care of my financial needs.

God dwindled Gideon’s army down to 300 strong fighting men, outlining the impossibility of man actually winning that battle. He did so because He wanted it perfectly obvious that He was triumphant and not the army.

I’m confident that when abortion is finally eliminated in our world, it will be very obvious that it is God who achieved this victory and not any of us. Even then our work will only be beginning in helping the millions of post-abortive individuals find His healing.

If you are evading God’s calling to share your abortion with others, understand that this is a very real and natural emotion. It doesn’t mean that God intends to place you on a public platform. Perhaps He’s preparing the way for a future of public sharing that may come ten years from now. Or maybe you will be sharing with a neighbor’s teenage daughter who is considering abortion. Sharing the secret of abortion need not be done in a public format. Private ones, particularly with abortion-vulnerable people, can certainly save many lives.

What you need now is preparation time, becoming “fit” for the campaign. You need to attend “boot camp” at your local pregnancy center.  By attending an abortion recovery class, sitting through a pregnancy center volunteer training course, gaining experience working with the abortion-minded, and being mentored by Godly leaders, your skills in this battle will be enhanced. Spiritual maturity is essential in sharing your story because the enemy will certainly work to shut your mouth whatever way possible.

Perhaps God is calling you to share but not at a public level. This could be due to the fact that you don’t have family support or that your parents are elderly, and God is not leading you to share this secret with them. The pregnancy center could certainly use your voice behind closed doors with those who are considering abortion. This sharing doesn’t require the same amount of training or risk of rejection and can have significant and life-long results in your heart and the heart of someone else.

Do you know your local pregnancy center? If not, visit Help In Your Area to discover the center that is closest to you. If they do not offer abortion recovery services, let them know that you have spent time working through our Her Choice to Heal site and want to come and tour their center. You’ll be taking a good step in the right direction regarding any call that God may have placed on your life when it comes to sharing the secret of your abortion.

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