Removing Tangible Reminders

Tangible reminders include anything that was given to you by – or reminds you of – a past sexual soul tie. When I was sharing on this topic at one of our training seminars, a woman came forward quite upset.  She said, “But this man gave me a statute of Jesus. Surely a statue of Jesus cannot be wrong to keep?”

My response was quick, “Does that statute remind you of this former lover?”

“Yes…” she answered quietly.

I said, “Then it needs to go. You can donate or destroy it but it needs to leave your house if it reminds you of a person you shared sex with outside of marriage.”

She hung her head and walked away. I have no idea if she followed my advice. Clearly the item had her still locked in the memories of her sexual soul ties. My prayer is that she did.

When I was a young wife, I remember my husband coming up from the basement one day holding my old photo album.

He asked, “Can I get rid of these photos of your old boyfriends?”

From the look on his face, I knew he was upset. That photo album had been at the bottom of a box, hidden away from view.

A big part of my heart wanted to keep these tangible and sentimental memories. So, I responded, “But those are my memories!”

Tom responded, “They are pictures of men you’ve been with sexually and I’m shocked that you want to keep them around our home. They need to be destroyed, Sydna.”

Tom was right. I quickly gave him permission to destroy the album. He took the album out of my sight and into another room. I could hear him tearing up each photo methodically. I was then so ashamed that I had not destroyed them first! Once they were in the trash can, our home seemed changed for the better!

It’s amazing how many of us keep these old souvenirs from past relationships. Maybe it is a special necklace, earrings or even pressed flowers. The spoken word through old letters, e-mails or texts can also be very powerful in igniting old memories of our sexual past.

How many mementos do you have in your possession? Understand that these items can be triggers to memories of sexual immorality that can affect your walk with God as well as your marriage. Pray about destroying these reminders as part of the breaking soul ties exercise.

If you are struggling with destroying these items, they can be donated as they will not remind anyone else about their own sexual soul ties.  Our ministry would be happy to accept any of these items. However, once these items are delivered, we will not inform you as to how we have handled them. You will simply know that they are gone from your life forever, as they should be.

Take time to pray and ask God to reveal to you any items that need to be removed from your life. God will lead you to every single one that needs to be removed.

Special Note – Please understand that we are only discussing the disposal of inanimate objects. Children that you share with an individual who is a sexual soul tie can also be a great reminder. They may also find that some of your tangible possessions are precious to them.

At one point, I was with my mother at her local jewelry shop. She pulled out an envelope and showed me that it contained the wedding band and diamonds from her first marriage to my father. She casually said, “I’m going to have these rings remade into something for your sister-in-law…”

The look on my face must have spoken volumes to my husband. He came over immediately and asked my mother if he could see those rings. She handed him the envelope and he let them fall out into his hand.  Then he took my right hand and placed both rings on my finger.  Concluding he said to my mother, “May, those rings are very precious to Sydna. They are her rings now…”

I fell in love with my husband all over again in that moment. While my mother was very upset at my husband, I was thrilled that he had viewed my pain and remedied it. Those rings were all that was left of the marriage that gave me life.

There are many ways to put tangible items in storage far from your view if they might become precious to your shared children in the future.  Please prayerfully consider what God wants you to do with these items and feel free to contact our team for advice and support.

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