Recovery Guide Workbook Leaders Instruction Manual

Designed to help abortion recovery program leaders utilize the Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery guide and book in a 9 week abortion recovery class or individual setting. It is packed with forms, activities as well as a detailed daily assignment chart in the back.


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Written By: Sydna Masse

Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery program is one of the few ministry program that actually has a detailed Leader’s Guide designed to equip new leaders in administering an individual or group ministry effort. This Leader’s Guide contains all the answers to the questions in the Her Choice to Heal recovery program along with much more.  This Leader’s Guide also has a daily reading chart at the back, outlining the Scriptures, memory verses and activity sheets that should be completed on a daily basis.

This Leader’s Guide begins with detailed information on abortion recovery leadership which includes the following topics:

  • Who You are as a Leader
  • Group Administration
  • Leadership Team dynamics
  • A detailed list of how God calls us into abortion recovery ministry
  • Dealing with Group Problems – Includes methods to screen potential group members, interviewing skills and many other aspects
  • Bible Study Administration – including introductions, room set-up, prayer and which version of the Bible to use
  • Group Dynamics – a brief detail of the types of personalities that often impact groups
  • Abortion Recovery Core Principles of Ministry
  • Detailed Daily Reading Chart
  • Forms for Use in Abortion Recovery Classes
    • Abortion Recovery Leader’s Checklist
    • Pastors Letter Sample
    • Sample Invitation Letter
    • Statement for Abortion Recovery Class
    • Abortion Recovery Intake Form
    • Group Confidentiality Agreement
    • Small Group Guidelines of Behavior
    • Support Team Letter

For each weekly lesson, there is a “To-Do list” suggestions and ice-breakers, along with the week’s homework assignment.  Within each week are details about the chapter topic and aspects to share with the class or individual.

This detailed Leader’s Guide also works wonderfully in a one-on-one format for the woman who may need individual attention.

This guide is meant to equip you for working with the post-abortive individual and requires a copy of the book, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion. Each individual you are leading through the recovery process will need a separate recovery guide and book for each class member.

Keep in mind that this manual contains a great deal more information than the individual recovery guide and is designed to assist you in group interaction and discussion.