Module 7 Healing Activities

Denial, anger, depression, acceptance, these are all stages in the grieving process. And no two people grieve in the same way or in the same order. Just remember that the goal of mourning is not to “get over” it but to get through it—to do the work of grieving. Choosing a way to memorialize your child can be a significant step in that process.

When you are ready, record the memorial you created and the feelings that it resurrected in your heart and soul. Answer these questions:

Do you believe that your child is in Heaven? Why or why not?

How do you think your baby feels about you today?

Identify possible dates in the future where you may grieve your child once again (i.e., when they would be graduating from high school, etc.). List these dates on a separate calendar so that when these future milestones occur you can prepare for any emotions that may come at that time.

Using a plain sheet of paper, please complete the three activities below:

7.1 Letters to Write

Write a letter that you will never send to those people listed on your abortion responsibility chart. Include your heartfelt thoughts towards them relating to their responsibility as well as your forgiveness. If any anger is included, take 24 hours and write it again. Please realize that this is an ongoing process that will start with this letter.

7.2 A Letter From God

Sit down with a piece of paper that starts Dear (your name) and ends with Love, God. Ask God to help you through this letter writing process and write out everything He shares with your heart.

7.3 Naming Your Child

Naming children can be a part of your healing process but it is optional. If you have no idea whether your baby was a boy or girl, consider a name that is gender neutral: Jesse, Francis, Sam, Billy, Chris, etc.