Module 5 Healing Activities

C.S. Lewis once said: To forgive for the moment is not difficult. But to go on forgiving, to forgive the same offense every time it recurs to the memory—there’s the real tussle.

Review your “Chart of Responsibility” activity from Chapter 3 and make a list of those you need to forgive. As you pray through the list, be as specific as possible about the hurt and forgiveness you are offering each individual. Use the “Forgiving Those that Impacted My Abortion Decision” chart in this activity.

Review the Forgiveness Summarized Diagram in the healing activity listed below.

Also be prepared, as C.S. Lewis said, for the “real tussle.” Remember that God can help you in your journey to forgiving. Be prepared each day to ask for His specific help should the emotions against others arise again.

5.1 Forgiving Those That Impacted
My Abortion Decision

Open (PDF) here

This activity is designed to help you outline those who impacted your abortion decision and begin the process of forgiving each one.