Module 3 Reading Assignments

Ramah International strongly recommends that you obtain a copy of the complete Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery Program to use with this on-line class. There are three resources in this program – the Her Choice to Heal book, the Her Choice to Heal Recovery Guide and the Journey in Ramah Daily Devotional.

The purpose of this online healing course is to help you address every area of your abortion recovery experience. The information on these modules is different from what is included in the Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery Program. In addition, we are including reading assignments if you are using the alternate program, Forgiven and Set Free.

Her Choice to Heal:  

Read Chapter 3 – pages 57-76

Her Choice to Heal Recovery Guide:

Complete Lesson Three – pages 29-35

Journey in Ramah Daily Devotional:

Day 14 – pages 30-31

Day 15 – pages 32-33

Day 16 – pages 34-35

Day 17 – pages 36-37

Day 18 – pages 38-39

Day 19 – pages 40-41

Day 20 – pages 42-43

Alternate Program – Forgiven & Set Free:

Read Chapter 2 – The Character of God: Attributes of God – pages 30-34

Read Chapter 3 – Relief and Denial – pages 43-53