Module 3 Healing Activities

Perhaps you’ve been denying the truth about your abortion. Just as the wall of denial is built slowly, the wall will probably come down slowly. It may take days . . . weeks . . . and even months.

You’ll think the wall is gone, and you’ll find another pile of bricks. Give yourself time to dismantle the wall of denial.

Record your emotions to God, asking Him to reveal those hidden things. Then, as they are revealed, it may be helpful to write them down as a way to release them to God.

Complete the healing activity entitled “Chart of Responsibility” listed below.  Always know that our team stands ready to help you in any way!  Feel free to contact us at any time during your healing journey!


3.1 Chart of Responsibility

This activity is designed to help you understand how others – either directly or indirectly – impacted your abortion decision. This activity will be revisited in the forgiveness section of this course.

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