How Media Political Coverage Impacts Post-Abortive People


Written By: Sydna Masse

For those who hold life-affirming views, recent events surrounding abortion due to the “power shift” in Washington that occurred during the 2008 election season has left many bewildered, distraught and even hysterical. The U.S. government seems adamant in expanding abortion rights at a level we never anticipated – both here and around the world. Most life affirming hearts have missed one significant “fallout” of this recent power shift. Every time the word “abortion” is featured, the pain within the unhealed heart of the post-abortive individual is triggered. Because no one can avoid this term in the media, abortions wounded are now seeking out abortion recovery programs at a record rate.

This booklet outlines how to address these issues to healthily outline abortion’s devastation in order to reach wounded hearts and educate about abortion pain.

Topics include:

  • Reaching the Deeply Wounded
  • Toddlers on the Front Lines
  • Dangers of Written Declarations & Affidavits
  • Abortion Recovery Gardens
  • The Role of the Non-Post-Abortive Voice
  • Messages of Hope – Effective Advertising
  • Questions to Ask before Sharing Publicly
  • Family Dynamics
  • Building a modern-day Gideon’s Army


How Media Political Coverage Impacts Post-Abortive People

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