Her Choice to Heal Audiobook Group Pricing

Ramah International is pleased to offer a group-rate for the new audiobook version of the popular abortion recovery resource, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion, narrated by Sydna Massé.  Abortion recovery programs that purchase the group-rate books can provide the audiobook version to class participants in a “lending library” format. 

The audiobook format has many advantages in the abortion healing process.  Sydna Massé’s narration provides a soothing level of comfort, allowing for a deeper understanding of the written healing elements as well as her own abortion story.  Listening can provide better engagement with the emotions of healing. Individuals can listen while doing other things.  Listeners who struggle with a lower reading level – or do not have English as a first language – can absorb an audiobook at a deeper level from the written word.  God can use this format to bring deeper healing to abortion’s wounded hearts.