One Woman’s Abortion Story DVD


Featuring Sydna Masse,
President and Founder of Ramah International

Approximate running time: 13 minutes

Designed for abortion-minded men and women, “One Woman’s Abortion Story” presents a straightforward account of an actual abortion experience from the mother’s perspective. Sydna Masse candidly shares various aspects of that painful day when she underwent this surgical procedure without benefit of anesthesia. When she left the clinic, one was dead and one was wounded and her life would never be the same.
It is the producer’s hope that after watching the video, individuals considering abortion will be informed about how abortion can impact the rest of their lives and then make a positive choice for themselves and their child.

Also included on this DVD:

  • Sydna’s Abortion Story – This longer version outlines the spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of abortion as well as the mindset and thinking process of a woman in a crisis pregnancy. (Approximate running time: 30 minutes)
  • Sydna’s Healing After Abortion – After her abortion, Sydna struggled with many aspects of post-abortion syndrome, which included drug abuse, promiscuity, depression, anniversary syndrome and much more. This thirty-minute testimony outlines the grieving process after abortion, explains the benefit of a post-abortion Bible study, and offers the wonderful hope of God’s healing. (Approximate running time: 30 minutes)
  • Ramah Resources – Sydna Masse outlines a variety of resources that are available through Ramah International.
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One Woman’s Abortion Story DVD

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